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Hosted by FRAG, Managed by Mercenary Gaming
Hosted by FRAG, Managed by Mercenary Gaming

About Us

Tired of lazy admins, bad maps, and janky servers? Tired of building your perfect horde base only to have it be wiped on day 300 or 400?
We have the perfect community for you!
Mercenary Gaming’s core team, originally founded in 2016, are a group of Linux experts, tech gurus and gaming enthusiasts.
The majority of our administration are actively employed in the IT field, applying our knowledge and experience to bring innovative solutions and service to the gaming community.
Our servers are hosted on dedicated hardware based in East Coast of the United States.

Unlike many other dedicated servers, you’ll be happy to know that we develop most of our server management script in-house and running in headless mode. This frees up more resources so that you can enjoy your game more.
We encourage you to drop by for a visit and experience the difference for yourself!
World & player data is co-located off-site and city regions are reset weekly on Friday.